Why use Go Green Box?

We can accommodate all of your residential or business needs. If you have a special request or simply don’t have any idea how many boxes you will need, don’t worry, we have a knowledgeable staff here to assist 7 days a week. Here’s how it works. Instead of making several trips to buy cardboard boxes and packing supplies, call us and we’ll deliver our reusable green moving boxes & biodegradable packing supplies directly to your door for less than the cost of cardboard. Use them for your move and we’ll pick them up at your new house! We service Deschutes County.

How Does It Work?

We Deliver

We deliver eco-friendly moving boxes to your current home or office.

You Pack & Move

Pack the boxes, hire movers, and head to your new home!


We Pick Up

We will pick up the boxes at your new location, and you can turn your house into a home!

Better than Cardboard Boxes

Built In Handles
-easy to carry

Solid Design

100% Recycled Plastic
-zero waste solution

Large Capacity
-holds 35% more than cardboard box

Attached Lid
-makes packing easy

Ready To Pack
-no tape needed


  They were so great helping with my move last month! It was super easy setting up the order for the boxes and a couple dollies. They were flexible with delivery and pick-up times, even coming a few days early to pick up!! Very friendly service. The boxes are such a great way to go! No cardboard boxes to fall apart or deal with post-move. No multiple trips to get supplies. Would definitely recommend for any personal moves. Just pack, stack, & move when needed. 🙂

thumb Jennifer O.

  These boxes are the best! They are the perfect size and easy to carry and pack into the moving truck. Once they are empty they stack into each other and  hardly take up any space. The best part is that we don't have countless cardboard boxes to break down and shove into our recycling - less work for us AND eco friendly. And they are super sturdy, too!  Way sturdier than cardboard. They can also provide labels and protective casings for fragile dishes and such. I would definitely use go green box again and I would recommend them to anyone else doing a big move.

thumb Lindsey H.

  Wow! What can I say about this company and service. This was the best decision we made during our move. The boxes were delivered on time and picked as soon as we were done. Brian and his team were easy to communicate with and I highly recommend them for your move.

thumb Steena J.