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Why use Go Green Box?

We can accommodate all of your residential or business needs. If you have a special request or simply don’t have any idea how many boxes you will need, don’t worry, we have a knowledgeable staff here to assist 7 days a week. Here’s how it works. Instead of making several trips to buy cardboard boxes and packing supplies, call us and we’ll deliver our reusable green moving boxes & biodegradable packing supplies directly to your door for less than the cost of cardboard. Use them for your move and we’ll pick them up at your new house! We service Deschutes County.

How Does It Work?

We Deliver

We deliver eco-friendly moving boxes to your current home or office.

You Pack & Move

Pack the boxes, hire movers, and head to your new home!


We Pick Up

We will pick up the boxes at your new location, and you can turn your house into a home!

Better than Cardboard Boxes

Built In Handles
-easy to carry

Solid Design

100% Recycled Plastic
-zero waste solution

Large Capacity
-holds 35% more than cardboard box

Attached Lid
-makes packing easy

Ready To Pack
-no tape needed


      Brian and his crew are amazing. Great product and a great service. What a luxury to have boxes dropped off and picked up! I highly recommend them.

    thumb Brianna B.

      Go Green Box was one of my better decisions during this last move.

    I'd done a Yelp search for organizing and moving and they popped up. I'd never heard of the concept before, but for the price, it seemed like a fabulous idea! After a call with the owner and a quick scheduled drop off a day later we started packing. At a little over $100 for 25 stackable tubs that we could use for two weeks, they were absolutely fantastic

    The honey had ordered a set of regular paper boxes before I found Green Box, so we got to use both and see the difference between the two. The paper boxes had to be put together - we used duct tape that didn't seem stick well and the packing tape they sent us just made it seem like more work since it stuck to itself. Honestly putting them together was exhausting.

    The green boxes were easy to plug and play and even came with labels! I literally pulled them off the stack and started dumping stuff in. We didn't feel nervous putting liquids or breakables in them because they were hard plastic and they shut tight, so they could be stacked and used with a dolly. This meant we could fit more into our uhaul, because they were made to fit together.

    They'll be picked up at our old home this weekend and next to our Amazing Movers, were the best decision I made this move. No extra waste or trying to get rid of the boxes after we moved and definitely no extra tape lying around, it was all very easy and neat.

    I'd definitely use them again!

    thumb Meg T.

      I have to say, I truly despise moving. Unfortunately because of my husbands job, we have to move fairly often. I heard about Go Green Box and looked up reviews on yelp.  After experiencing it for myself, the reviews are spot on.

    I didn't really have time to go and seek out cardboard boxes and saw that getting these boxes was comparable to the cost of purchasing boxes. I have it a try, and was super pleased with their service. I hope I never have to move without these things again. They are so super convenient.

    First, Rosie is super friendly to deal with. She worked with our schedule and Brian dropped off the boxes at our apartment along with the roller cart-thingy. Moving the stack of boxes around -whether they are empty or full- was really easy. With an elevator, you literally just need to lift them to stack them and lift them in the truck. We could fit 16 in our full sized truck bed at one time.

    You also don't really need to pack things as well as you normally do, because the boxes are hard plastic. About 99% of our stuff fit in the boxes. Everything in the boxes was perfectly intact after the movers handled them. The movers broke a framed photo and a chair, which obviously were not packed in the boxes, so that gives you an idea of how gentle they were with our stuff (enter sarcasm).

    Once we moved everything in, it was so great to simply be able to stack them in the corner as we unpacked each box.  I have always felt so guilty in the past with how much waste there is from moving, but I felt so good knowing how small my carbon footprint was this time around.

    We ran into a few other people moving out of our building at the time and they all expressed how jealous they were that we had these boxes and commented on how easy they looked to handle. Our movers also thanked us for having these since it also made their job much easier as well.

    So basically, I have nothing but rave reviews for this service!

    thumb Jane P.
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